Our history

Everything begins with a week of holidays to Jávea Alicante in Spain.

We fell in love with this small heaven on Earth.

Indeed, the climate, the atmosphere, the energy, the beauty of this magic place transcent us from the first moment.

Further to our holidays to Jávea, to only 70 kilometers of IBIZA, we decided to live our dream .....on the seashore......

Our complicity allowed us to concretize our dream " Create our shops in our image ".

The story of "Trendy Jávea", it is the one of two passionate with Woman fashion and the smart style Boho " bohemian smart", IBIZA style.

"Trendy Jávea" is a family, created company, followed and managed by different but complementary characters. What has to be the key of this success!

We wanted to make a magical and "Trendy" things for women, but especially to make discover combinacions and outfits which you don't usually find in stores.

We decided to take a direction far from the policy of big brands, with a precise objective: to make of "Trendy Jávea", two shops with a unique and friendly atmosphere which will know how to make you comfortable from the first moments.

We travelled to find woman clothes, smart Boho " bohemian smart ", IBIZA Style, of quality made in small series on witch we want to print our Trendy stile.

"Trendy Jávea" is two clothing stores for women in Jávea since 2012, which offers you the possibility of being unique with a range of different clothes.

Further to the success and especially at the request of our customers and friends, we finally set up a Web site of on-line sale, allowing to discover it and to command(order) from your home the clothes which are in our shops.

For us it is more important to specify, that all which is on sale on our website is our stores.

Finally, we thank all our customers and friends who encouraged us in this adventure which is far from being ended.